This page lists the latest autobuild tarballs. The autobuild tarballs are provided for testing purposes. Important notes:

  1. These files are generated from the latest, bleeding-edge code in the CiviCRM git repositories (civicrm-core.git, civicrm-drupal.git, civicrm-joomla.git, civicrm-packages.git, civicrm-wordpress.git).
  2. These files should only be installed on experimental/testing/staging servers. Do not install on live/production servers.
  3. There may be no upgrade path for sites running these tarballs. For example, if you install the bleeding-edge code for 4.5.x on Tuesday and then upgrade to the next bleeding-edge code for 4.5.x on Wednesday, the upgrade process may or may not work -- leaving the system in an undefined, subtly broken state.
  4. When using these tarballs, please install a clean site or upgrade a (copied) dataset from a stable release.